Behind Bars: The Definitive Guide to Music Notation


28 Sept 2023 Elaine retires from Faber Music
20 Jun 2023 Scoring Notes: "'Behind Bars: General Conventions' edition published" Interview with Philip Rothman
12 Jun 2023 'Behind Bars: General Conventions (Theory)' published ISBN 0571542840
5 Jan 2023 Sales of 'Behind Bars' (English hardback version) surpass 15,000 copies
31 Mar 2022 Launch of Psappha's Commissions CD ( funded by royalties from 'Behind Bars'
20 Jan 2021 10th anniversary of publication: sales of 12,000 and 10th imprint
17 Jan 2020 Conference: Music Engraving in the 21st Century Developments and Perspectives, Mozarteum University Salzburg: Keynote speaker: Does everyone need high-quality engraving?
14 May 2019 10,000th copy of 'Behind Bars' sold (60% in the USA); ebook sales exceed 1,000 copies
30 Nov 2017 Music Engraving Tips: Interview with Elaine Gould: Part 1: Early Years at Faber:
25 Sept 2017 Sales exceed 7,500 copies
31 Aug 2017 eBook: over 370 copies sold in the first year (48% USA) and best selling Faber Music ebook
19 Aug 2016 eBook edition released: Kindle:; itunes/Apple:; Scoring Notes blog (formerly Sibelius Blog):
June 2016 Worldwide sales total exceeds 6,000 copies
Dec 2015 USA sales reach 3,000 copies (out of a worldwide sales total of 5,500 copies)
Oct 2015 NMC Recordings: Blog: article by Elaine Gould: Notes from a New Music Editor: 'I sing through each line in my head'; (pdf, 107kb)
June 2015 5,000 copies sold
May 2015 Contract signed for Chinese-language edition of 'Behind Bars' to be published by 2018 by Ginkgo (Beijing) Book Company Ltd (in preparation)
Dec 2014 over 4,000 copies sold
Oct 2014 German edition 'Hals über Kopf' published: see German
Oct 2013 Jonathan Harvey - a personal tribute: see
July 2013 3,000th copy sold
2011 Classical Music Magazine ( Editor's Choice, Books of the Year 2011
Feb 2011 Music Matters, BBC Radio 3, Sat 19th Feb 2011, 12.15
20 Jan 2011 'Behind Bars' published (pre-publication orders exceeded 500 copies) (cover price £65)